Sunday, July 16, 2017

Proven: Week 7 ~ Grace: The End of Shame

Confess, and repent.  We've talked about naming our sin, getting caught.  But once we've laid it out there, exposed it...we need to repent and believe.  Jesus forces us into the light to remove our shame, He wants us to be free.  Jennie talks about pride and humility here, none of us want to admit our guilt, our sin...but our pride keeps us from being right with God.  And as she so eloquently states, the rhythm of grace is brokenness.  The rhythm of grace is humility.  I don't know about you but I want to be free from shame but more than that, I want to live a life for His Glory no longer caring about what the world thinks or sees.  I find it so amazing that in this week's video Jennie talks about her son and praying a prayer of humility over him.  My youngest son just moved out of our house and more than him being successful in life, I want him to love Jesus and be right with Him.  I want that for myself as well and it comes from risking exposure, confessing my sin, and turning from it.  Let's bring Him the things we most want to hide from Him.

This week in John 13, Jesus teaches us about humility by washing the disciples feet.

This week:
Watch the Lesson 7 video ~ Click Here ~
Read NTP (if you have it): Chapter 10 "No Longer Ashamed"
Proven Study Guide: Lesson 7 (Read/Study John 13)
Answer Questions from the study guide (pages 132-133)
Describe Peter's reaction to Jesus' humble act.

Why do you think Jesus insisted on Peter receiving this cleansing?

What was Jesus hoping that His men understood by this act?

Describe the kind of love Jesus is calling us to in this chapter.

Why is Jesus so adamantly demonstrating and calling us to this kind of love (vs35)?

It starts with us. If we don't experience His forgiveness and His grace on a regular basis, then how could we give away His forgiveness and grace to anybody else? - J. Allen (Proven)

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