Saturday, July 15, 2017

Proven: Week 6 ~ Wrap Up

Intense stuff this week...facing fears, embracing suffering, letting go of control, trusting God.

We have to get to a place where we finally believe God is who He says He is, believe that God has a perfect plan that even includes our suffering...for our benefit and His Glory!

Those of us who have Jesus and are found in Him... (Jennie Allen, NTP)

  • We are free of worry about this life working out perfectly, because a perfect eternal life is coming.
  • We are free of guilt and shame, because we have been completely forgiven.
  • We are free of all fear, because who or what on this earth would we fear if God is with us?
  • We get to stop being afraid. Fear has no power over people who aren't afraid of the very worst being thrown at them.
We live in a broken and fallen world and we are going to face difficulties...hard, gut-wrenching moments that may even leave us wondering..."where are you Lord?" but He will be there, revealing His power, His grace, His love upon us and reminding us of the home we have waiting for us in Heaven.

After my son's heart breaking confession I leaned heavily on God, I sought out His promises in His Word and I began to trust Him more.  And throughout the last few years God has graciously shown me little glimpses of Himself in my son's life, what love our Lord has for me, for us!  He is faithful...

Face some of your darkest fears and hurts.  God already knows and He is there to strengthen and comfort you.  Take an hour or two by yourself with a journal and consider these questions.

What are some of your greatest disappointments? Can you see the presence and purpose of Jesus in those moments? Where? How?

What are some of your greatest doubts about God? Have you shared those doubts with Him? What do you think Jesus would say to the doubts?

What are some of your deepest hurts and insecurities? How does Jesus want to meet these needs in your life?

What are you most afraid of? What do you believe Jesus would say to your greatest fear?

Look for people who are suffering and find a way to encourage them. Grab some friends and visit a homeless shelter, prison or jail, nursing home or hospital. You don't even have to bring anything; just go talk to people. Look them in the eyes and hear their stories. Be with them. Practice the ministry of presence.

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