Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation 2013 *no I didn't cry

My firstborn, Christian Michael, graduated from high school!
And I know how to throw a party!  I had help, of course, some friends of mine helped with the food and aunt and uncle helped with clean up along with friends and my awesome hubby.  I rented the fellowship hall at a local church that was right across from the high school which was so convenvient.
I compiled a 3 ring binder of all the certificates and awards that Christian received during his school years, it was work but it is really neat to look at and since he changed schools he didn't get a letterman's jacket so I made this "thing" to put his medals and letters on.  It was a lot of fun to see the things he has created and written...especially in early grade school.
 Plans have changed and Christian is now going to attend Missouri Valley College in Marshall, MO.  He received 3 scholarships (Music, Golf, and Academic) and he is going to major in music.  We are very proud of him and can see the hand of God in his life.  So very blessed!
 I know...we are so weird...


Monday, May 20, 2013

"Anything" ~ Online Summer Study

Enrollment has begun! This one is a book study so there will be a book to read, they also have a free study guide that goes along with this at www.goodmorninggirls.org. And they are giving away 15 copies of the paperback book and 15 ecopies. Check it out on their website. If you would like me to lead a group, let me know.  Or you can totally do this on your own, at your own pace ;)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Since You've Been Gone...

This is not the song I had in my head when I titled this post but this is the song that kept coming up on YouTube by several different artists...I couldn't resist this one, lol.

It's been too long...I've been a slacker....really, I've been super busy!

Here's what you missed:

1 - The School Musical - "Fiddler on the Roof", Cameron and Christian were both in the play, singing and acting...they were fabulous.  Cameron looked like a model up there with all that rouge on, he was so stinkin' cute.

2 - Christian finally received his State 1 rating at State Music Contest!  So exciting!

3 - Prom, Christian was nominated for Prom King but didn't win...but again, it's just an honor to be nominated, lol.

4 - Ultimate Frisbee - I took a group of ladies to play again, it was a blast and I burned so many calories!  We lost ridiculously but it was a lot of fun.  Christian's Lincoln Boys team won and Cameron was sick so he didn't play.

4 - Golf!  Cameron was still sick so he could not compete at Districts for Golf.  Christian qualified for Sectionals but then blew it at the end and missed qualifying for State by 1 stroke.  Side note: he did this last year too.

5 - And this is a big one!  Christian "changed his mind" and is now not going into the Marine Corps!  I really didn't know how to react at first...what?!?

He is now going to attend Missouri Valley College in Marshall, MO (an hour away).  He received a music scholarship, a golf scholarship, and an academic scholarship.  Who could resist?  And if you're wondering if he can "get out of" the Marine Corps, he can, he was in the DEP, Delayed Entry Program, and many have discharged themselves to pursue college or for other reasons with no consequences.

6 - An entire year!  Cameron and his girlfriend, Elissa, have been "dating" for one whole year, they celebrated their 1 year anniversary on May 9th, lol.  You know I'm being silly but we do actually really like this girl and if they end up together....it would be okay ;)

7 - GRADUATION!  I worked myself to the bone for this one.  It was an awesome party and we were thrilled with the turnout, almost 70 people (friends and family) came to our party to congratulate our son.  I will post pics in my next post.

Whew...is that it in the last few week??? Beats me.



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