Sunday, July 9, 2017

Proven: Week 6 ~ Hope: The End of Fear

I heard speaker and author, Dr. Robert Loggins, say at a leadership conference recently that he was grateful for the suffering he and his family have endured.  An odd statement, right?  But it was because in those times of suffering he began to know Jesus more.

What if we are missing the very best parts by pushing away the hardest?  Jesus is calling you into the darkest places, because in the darkest places, His love and light burn brightest. - Jennie Allen

If we're honest we would say we don't want to suffer, we wouldn't choose suffering for ourselves or for anyone we cared about. But as Jennie states, Jesus' light shines brightest in the darkest places. Our suffering may show Jesus to someone and bring them to repentance, a loved one's pain may reveal Christ more to them in a way they've never known before.  Suffering, pain, and death in our loved ones, children, and servants of Jesus is difficult for us to comprehend.  Do we believe God?  We can!  Jesus gives us assurance and faith, He gives us hope!  And hope changes us and we get to live fearless, believing lives and it is worth it.

This week we will study John 11, this is not just a story about Jesus raising someone from the dead, this is a story of Jesus' tender love for us, His light shining in the darkness, glory to the Father, and so much more.

This week:
Watch the Lesson 6 video ~ Click Here ~
Read NTP (if you have it): Chapter 9 "No Longer Afraid"
Proven Study Guide: Lesson 6 (Read/Study John 11)
Answer Questions from the study guide (pages 111-112)
Why did Jesus wait to go to Lazarus?

What feelings and convictions do you hear in Martha's words in verses 21-22?

How did Jesus respond to Martha?

Describe Mary's faith and posture in verses 28-32? How was it different than Martha's?

How did Jesus respond to Mary?

Why do you think Jesus wept with Mary?

What did Jesus ultimately want for the people He loved (v. 15)?

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