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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Trust Him

I ran across an old binder full of Bible Studies I had done a few years ago (I have lots of these kinds of things, notebooks, journals, you name it).  This one was particularly interesting, it contained the "Anything" study I finished in Summer 2013...take a look...

I'm not sure if this is the first time prison is written somewhere or not but it is important to me because I didn't go into prison for the first time until December 2013 with the band, it was our first concert.  And then number 4....doing ministry with my hubby full time wherever that may be!  Isn't God good!  He was directing and leading me this way all along, this is part of His plan.  I am constantly in awe of Him, who He is, what He does...simply amazing.

Keep seeking Him, keep surrendering and living wrecklessly abandoned to Him, He will use you for His purposes, for His Kingdom.  Thank You, Jesus for Your marvelous work in my life, help me to honor You with all that I am.

Sing for the King,

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Proven: Week 8 ~ Wrap Up

Wow! What a week, what an 8 weeks!  I hope you've been as blessed and as challenged as I have been.

Do you know what I love about this week's lesson?  The demonstration of Peter and the disciples going fishing and catching nothing...and then Jesus guiding them to throw their nets in a certain place and them catching all those fish.  We can do nothing on our own, we need Jesus!  We need to listen to His voice and follow His instruction and He will give the increase, He will work through us and in us.  I love that!  As I have prepared for the Sing for the King Ministries fundraiser event I began asking the Lord what He would have me share and He just kept speaking to my heart "Christy, just tell them about me, just talk about me", after all this is all about Him! I reminded myself that I had nothing to prove and that I just needed to depend on Him, talk about His love, His grace, His sacrifice.  This night was the benefit dinner and concert, the album launch and my name was "out there" a lot and I desperately wanted it to not be about me and all about Him.  The Jason Lovins Band blessed our church recently and shared a song written about Jason's grandma, I cried listening to it, it is called "I Wanna Be Known" and it's all about wanting to be known for loving Jesus and living like Him.  That is my heart's desire, to be known for being a Jesus girl, loving Him so wildly and radically that it will never be about me.  I want to be obedient in the small things and in the big things...but it's really only the world's standards that categorize what big and small are, isn't it?  There is no big or small in obedience to Christ.  Let's just be..with Him, doing what He's called us to do.

In the Experience section of this week's study:


Where could you display God's extravagant love around you? Dream a little.

What needs do you see around you?

What nudge do you feel from God concerning these needs? Which ones may He be wanting you to meet (even if it seems small)?

What is keeping you from responding?


What have you learned about yourself in these weeks?

What have you learned about Jesus?

How has the Holy Spirit convicted you about the way you are living?

What is now your vision for your life, your friends, and your family?


Let's write a mission statement...

Your mission statement should be based on your passions and what you hope people will say about you when you are gone.  Look over Jesus' prayer in John 17 and consider what it is God has called you to and what He has done already through your life for the good of others and His glory.

Here are some things to consider as you work on this statement:

  • Pray and read Scripture. You want your statement to reflect God's heart and purpose.
  • Consider your gifts and passions.
  • Think about your legacy. How do you want people to remember you when you're gone?
  • Reflect on how God has already worked in and through you.
  • Seek the counsel and observation of trusted, godly friends. How have they seen God work through you?
So it's your turn. Write a mission statement for your life.

In Jennie's conclusion she says this...I want less days of coping and more days of fighting for God's glory and the good of people.


We are a generation of women that desire to be brave.

May our bravery lead us to sacrificial obedience.

May heaven become more real than earth.

May we see God, really see Him.  And then care more about what He thinks than any other person on earth.

May we go to war against bondage that has controlled us and kept us from living the lives that we were meant to live.

May we crave freedom for God's people.

May the state of our hearts become more concerning to us than our reputations.

May our generation live knowing God is real.

May the religious come back to Jesus.

May the faithless find Him safe to consider.

May we see that heaven is coming and that we have a mission.

I want to see in my lifetime a generation of un-numb, un-stuck, focused missionaries, empowered by the Spirit building the kingdom of God together. - Jennie Allen (Proven)

The more obedient and surrendered I live for Jesus the more fulfilled and free I feel and become.  Let's be free, with nothing to prove because Jesus has already proven everything.  Let's rest in Him, abide in Him, live brave and courageously for Him, outside our comfort zones and loving every minute of it.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Be with Jesus

If there's one thing (there's actually many) but if there's one thing that's been speaking to my heart a lot or the most is this: "Be with Jesus"...spend time with Him, everything else will fall into place if I will just spend time with Him.  That's where change will happen, that's where I will really follow His will because I will know Him more and I know the next right step to take.  This week, emptiness...calling...and it doesn't depend upon us, who we are, but who He is and the more time we spend with Him, the more we will realize this and let it sink in.

He wants us to be with Him and then give away what we have been given from being with Him. - Jennie Allen (Nothing to Prove)

Sounds pretty simple doesn't it?  Why do we make things so hard?  Because I want to be seen, to be admired, to be people?  This CD launch is exciting and kind of a big deal (it would appear) and I want it to be perfect, I want to be perfect...but what if it's not?  Who cares?  I had a reality check the other day, I'm not going to play keys for the concert Saturday...there goes my crutch, I suddenly realized that I won't have the lyrics in front of me...panic attack?  What if I forget the lyrics to my own stinkin' songs?  So what.  And then I thought, what if I do forget or what if I do use lyrics?  What does it matter?  I have NOTHING TO PROVE!  But boy does it seem like I do right now!  And then I get the gentle reminder that Jesus is enough and no matter what, it'll be ok...that I don't have to prove myself, Jesus has done such a work in me and that's what I need to show, to give performance is meaningless, but my worship needs to be about Him, for Him.

To simply display God has become my greatest goal. What could be a greater calling than to live so that God's great grace is magnified in our lives? - Jennie Allen (Nothing to Prove).

So, this week and always...let's seek Him, spend time with Him, abide in Him.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 8: Called ~ The End of Emptiness

Called. I looked up the definition of the word called and this one caught my attention - "to give a name to".  That's what Jesus does, He gives us a name.  Our family name shows to what family we belong to and it's just like that with Jesus, when we belong to Jesus we are part of His family...we are called.  Forgiven and set free to enjoy this life with Jesus instead of strive and toil.

In this week's video, Jennie reminds us again that Jesus says you don't have to be perfect, I've been perfect for you.  Isn't that a relief, isn't that a comfort?  The more I am obedient and walk in my calling, my relationship with Jesus and live sold out to Him, the less empty I feel.  When I said "anything" to Jesus He showed me things beyond what I could've ever imagined.  This calling leaves me fulfilled.  And the more I trust Him and obey Him, the more fulfilled I am.  It's not about doing big things, it's about being obedient to Jesus...saying yes to Him.  What if we all just did the thing God put in us to do every day? - Jennie Allen (Proven)

This week we will see how our obedience flows out of a relationship with Jesus, out of being loved.  Jesus shows the disciples this extravagant love in John 21...what love!

This week:
Watch the Lesson 8 video ~ Click Here ~
Read NTP (if you have it): Chapter 11 "No Longer Empty" and "Final Thoughts"
Proven Study Guide: Lesson 8 (Read/Study John 21)
Answer Questions from the study guide (pages 152-153)
Describe the apostles' fishing experience prior to Jesus appearing on shore.

What was different after Jesus appeared?

Describe Peter's response to seeing Jesus.

Why do you think Peter responded this way?

What did Jesus provide for His disciples that morning?

What do you think He wanted from them in that moment?

What do you think He wants from you in this moment?

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