Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Cameron got a new Airsoft gun with his birthday money.  It is a fully automatic machine gun, it shoots hard!  Not soft!  I haven't actually gotten shot with it but my husband has and it made him bleed (just a little).  I finally agreed to play this game of theirs with them but made sure I was on Cameron's team so I wouldn't get shot with that thing.  My gun was lame and I couldn't hit anybody, Christian acquired Cameron's old gun (a sniper rifle) and shot me three times, yes it stung but I didn't have any lasting welps or serious injuries.  The things you will do to spend time with your kids.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Goin' to the Movies"

I took this picture coming out of Wal-Mart the other day, I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't help myself, they were so cute.  I am extremely curious about what movie they picked out.  You don't think they'll see this, do you?

Here's the dialogue in my head:

George: "What kinda flicker show ya wanna see tonight, Ethel?"
Ethel: "No shoot em' up thing, George.  All that violence desensitizes us and then we'll start actin' like those young people."
George: "Which young people, Ethel?"
Ethel: "Those ones back yonder takin' our picture, thinking we don't know what they're up to 'cause we're old."
George: "Now why on earth would someone be takin' a picture of our backsides standin' here lookin' for a movie? That don't make no sense, Ethel."
Ethel: "It's just sick I tell ya, sick..."

Or it could've went something like this:

George: "What in the name of tarnation is this thing?"
Ethel: "I don't know George, it looks kinda strange to me."
George: "Well, I just don't like it, it's probably somethin' conjured up by the government."
Ethel: "George, do you think it could be some sort of ATM?"
George: "For cryin' out loud Ethel, that is ridiculous nonsense.  I'm sure it's some kind of teleportation device."

I know, I'm weird.


Monday, October 10, 2011

The Gift of Song

My family is so blessed to have so much musical talent.  This past weekend, Christian and Cameron, sang in hand picked choirs.  Cameron sang in the 9th and 10th grade Honor Choir, the students were selected by their music teachers.  Cameron's voice is really pretty, I'm going to get him to sing a solo at church soon.    Christian sang in All District Choir, auditions are only for Juniors and Seniors, these students had to audition for judges and 156 students were selected for this choir.  These 156 students then auditioned for All State Choir, in which only 24 students are selected...6 Sopranos, 6 Altos, 6 Tenors, and 6 Bass.  This is quite an honor and very tough to achieve.  Christian was one of the chosen tenors!  The only one from Warsaw selected this year, the third in WHS history, and the first tenor in WHS history!  Yes, we are very proud! 

Below is the All State audition piece.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Cornerstone's Got Talent 2011

We recently had a youth talent show at church.  It was interesting...

It was a lot of fun, I laughed so hard at this act and some of the other ones...and yes, those were meant to be funny.  So talented...


A Testimony

Christian gave his testimony and presented the gospel at church....before the talent show.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

It's Spirit Week at Warsaw High and my boys just had to get in on the fun.  Tuesday was "twin day" and they dressed alike which was awesome to me.  They wore athletic shorts, white Ts, long socks, sweat head and wrist bands.  I am so disappointed I did not take a picture!  Today was solid color day, each class wears a certain color (it's weird), Christian's color was green (school colors are green and black), below is what he came up with, yes...that's a book cover on his head.  We don't know what Cameron is...the Candy man?  But it's his birthday so whatever.



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