Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I got married!!

I know what you're thinking...she got way too close in order to take a picture of that thing!  Yes, I did!  I stepped out of the shower this morning and after drying off spied this HUGE spider on the wall in the bathroom.  Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  I got the willys, the heebie jeebies, you name it.  James went to kill it, because if he didn't I would never go in there again, and it jumped and crawled down the wall and was finally smashed beyond recognition, whew...thank goodness.  I still had the creeps and ran upstairs yelling "And that's why I got married!!!"  (so I don't have to kill spiders and the sort) ;)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Ultimate

It was the of a lifetime.  Not really but it's fun to think so.  Last Saturday, F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) had an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.  It was a blast, five teams, all ages, lots of competition.  Lots of running....panting...gasping...WINNING!  I was on an awesome all girls team, the only all girls team.  They are a fabulous group of young women and even better yet, they put up with me.  We won a couple games, burned a lot of calories, and had a blast.  What more could you ask for?  I know...a poem!  About Ultimate Frisbee!!!  Let's see...

Ultimate Frisbee
A game not for wimps
Running too fast
Could give you a gimp
(or a limp, whatever)

The teams were stacked against us
There was no mercy for girls
Running and jumping
And even some twirls
(hey, we're girls)

We chanted cool chants
We dove and we caught
We moved on to the semi-finals
And that's all I got.
(my brain is tired...)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?

That's right!  Ghostbusters!  My brother Cliff loves Ghostbusters right now.  He has made a three story replica of the Ghostbusters headquarters (the firehouse they renovated in the movie) and multiple vehicles.  He adds a few things here and there to jazz it up.  I just had to take some pictures when I went to see him the other day.

 The fireman's pole goes through all three stories. 
 This is the back...I believe a garage and the ecto-containment room.
 Cliff can make anything out of construction paper and glue, he had about 20 bottles of glue lined up on his countertop, it made me chuckle.
This Ghostbusters station wagon comes complete with a working hatch back and ghostbusters packs in the back.  What a neat guy!  More to come!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

5k...need I say more?

I ran a 5k today....that's 3.1 miles....and I lived to tell about it.  I've known about this for 2 or 3 months, that I would be participating and thought I should start training.  A couple months ago I began working out again, you know how that is, I work out for a few months, fall off the wagon and then start again.  This time, after just a couple weeks of working out I wasn't feeling well and fell right off into the abyss of unmotivatedness.  It was really pathetic.  I wasn't motivated to do anything for a while in the way of exercise until just two weeks ago. 

And then last Saturday I thought I would train by actually running.  I went down below the dam, there's an oval road that is just a hair over a mile so I would be able to see how this was going to go.  And I was off...just a few yards in and I started thinking to myself...why am I doing this?  I am a grown up, I don't have to do this, I don't like running!  Why do people run?  Why do people say phrases like "Running is fun"...ugh.  Running is dumb I say!  I ran the entire first mile and then walked for about half a mile and ran some more.  I only finished just over 2 miles and decided that's all I had in me or wanted to do.

A week later and the 5k was here, it was in the 30s...I detest the cold, it was windy...pooh.  There was an 82 year old man oiling up his legs, he was hard core.  We have spied him running before...dragging a tire behind him (makes me feel so good about myself).  He is my hero, ha!  Just kidding.  I received my number, pinned it on crooked and went to the starting line with my boys.  The old guy said "on your mark, get set, go" and we were off.  The first half mile wasn't too bad but then came a slight incline and the cold wind in my face, ugh.  I really didn't want to have to start walking this early in the race (that's funny..."race").  I survived the hill and turned the corner, I slowed to a brisk walk for about 30 seconds to a minute (seriously) and then ran past the first mile marker.  I walked and ran off and on for the rest of the race, there was a long straightaway at the end and I really didn't want to run the whole way but I also didn't want to look like I wasn't running so I moved my arms like I was running and just walked for half the way.  I know, I know...ridiculous but you're thinking "what a great idea!"  I started to run again and Cameron came out to meet me and cheer me on, he ran the rest of the way with me but when I saw people I pushed past him and did a 'Chariots of Fire' finish for fun, I just couldn't help myself.  I did it!  I completed a time was 37:37 which I was thrilled with, I was hoping for 45 minutes.  I got a 3rd place medal for my age group, for some strange reason there were more women in my age group than any other, what is wrong with these people?  I actually admire people that can run, I just don't feel like I'm one of them.  I felt like a fish out of water, I was surrounded with people in high tech running suits with fancy watches...blah, blah, blah.  I think I was the only first timer there except for my boys and they did great by the way.  They both got a 1st place medal for their age division and Christian got 3rd male overall...geez, they didn't get that from me.

Flashback!  When I was in high school I had P.E. my freshman year and running the mile was manditory.  I did it of course but I was always red faced and looked like I was about to die, my time back then was around 8 minutes which isn't great but isn't totally terrible either (for me).

Anywho, I was glad this was over.  I was ready to go home, get comfy, drink some hot cocoa and watch an old movie or something.  And we did exactly that.  I also found a flyer in my bag from the race for a 5k coming up in June.....we'll see...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting Older?? Who Cares??

Last weekend I turned 36 years old.  Not really a milestone birthday or anything, it just means I am now closer to 40 than to 30.  I've never really gotten hung up on my age, I actually looked forward to turning 30 because people always thought I was a kid.  I still feel like a kid, look like a kid (ha ha), and act like one!  But that's a whole different set of problems, not really...what?..I'm delirious, it must be the old age.

I had a lovely birthday, the day before the actual date my mama cooked a special dinner for me and my family, she served it on her "fine china" (it actually is, it's beautiful).  I really enjoyed the food and company.  I have been especially enjoying my mama lately, since before Christmas!  We are getting the "I love you" thing down pretty good, we have said I love you to each other more times in the last 6 months than my entire life...amazing, God is soooo good.

The next day, the big one - I guess, was spent with my sons.  Christian had District Music Contest and I drug Cameron with me to watch and listen.  Christian sang his solo in the morning which I was so grateful for, he received a I+ rating, the highest you can get, I was and am so proud.  He performed in two ensembles, both of those groups also received I ratings.  He gets to perform at State Music Contest 3 times.  I can't wait for that. :) 

That evening we went to church for a prayer service and then I stayed to practice with the Worship Team.  My family and some of our church family, however, went to El Espolon, a mexican restaurant.  I arrived and sat down, most everyone was finished eating but when the waiter came around and asked me what he could get for me I simply replied, "It's my birthday and I would like the sombrero and my free dessert".  Do you think that's too straight forward?  He gave me a strange look and then walked away, I didn't think I would see him again.  Our entire group (and a stranger at another table) sang "Happy Birthday" to me with Christian singing way off key and inserting my childhood nickname "pooh pill", it was hilarious.  I think it was at this time the waiter thought I was serious about it being my birthday, the crew came out singing, plopped the heavy sombrero on my head and gave me my fried ice cream.  I posed for a picture taken by my pastor and dug in. 

The next day, Sunday, my lovely picture was put on the big screen at church for the whole congregation to see, what love.  I didn't mind.  My mother-in-law made me lunch and a beautiful cake.  What a wonderful weekend. 

I know what you're thinking...what about the presents!  I got an awesome gift from my husband.

A NOOKColor, yes, it's pretty sweet...and so is he.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Wash my toesies!

Wednesday at family night the lesson revolved around showing your love out of serving like Jesus.  Our skit was called "Toejam Man" by Steven James (love his skits!), Pastor Chris gave a short devo about Jesus washing the disciples feet, and then Pastor Tim (the youth pastor) gave a devo to the teens and their families about Jesus washing the disciples feet and then we had a foot washing.  It seems to me that these used to be very prevalent in some churches and maybe still are in some.  Pastor Tim washed Pastor Chris' feet and then one of the youth's feet, yowsa!  I told my boys that they could each do one of mine but they pretended not to hear me.  After a bit, Christian said "Come on Mom, I'll wash your feet".  What a kid!  So humble...

Jesus washed the disciples feet and by doing this showed them humility and servant leadership in action.  How can I say that any task is beneath me?  Love like Jesus!

*An awesome Steven James skit book that I have used with lots of kids & teens!



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