Saturday, September 2, 2017

Trust Him

I ran across an old binder full of Bible Studies I had done a few years ago (I have lots of these kinds of things, notebooks, journals, you name it).  This one was particularly interesting, it contained the "Anything" study I finished in Summer 2013...take a look...

I'm not sure if this is the first time prison is written somewhere or not but it is important to me because I didn't go into prison for the first time until December 2013 with the band, it was our first concert.  And then number 4....doing ministry with my hubby full time wherever that may be!  Isn't God good!  He was directing and leading me this way all along, this is part of His plan.  I am constantly in awe of Him, who He is, what He does...simply amazing.

Keep seeking Him, keep surrendering and living wrecklessly abandoned to Him, He will use you for His purposes, for His Kingdom.  Thank You, Jesus for Your marvelous work in my life, help me to honor You with all that I am.

Sing for the King,

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